Quick-Step Balance Click Review

If you think about it, floors are a major part of our lives. We live with them and spend our time and life with them. So, floors are more of a lifestyle than an accessory or component in our lives. It is of utmost importance that you choose them with care.

Quick-Step Balance Click makes selection utterly easy with its captivating beauty and effortless performance. This is a range of wood-style luxury vinyl floors that exceeds the original in looks and functionality.

Impressive at first sight and highly practical for daily and tough use, Balance Click floors can be a valuable addition to homes and commercial spaces.

Quick-Step Balance Click

The In-Depth Review

Witnessing the range of realistic shades and creative patterns and colours of Balance Click range compels you to believe that the makers indeed draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

Each design is a wonderful reproduction of popular and exotic oak species. What is awe-inspiring is the authenticity that pervades through the entire design, from the obvious patterns on the top surface of the floor to intricate details in the not-so-obvious spots of the floor.

From bright and vibrant to subtle and calm, discover a range of colours and create a range of moods for your interiors with these floors.

Quick-Step Balance Click floors feature a high-performance top layer enhanced with a Stain and Scratch Guard technology. This top layer with its unique technology keeps annoying floor culprits such as dirt, dust, scratches and stains away, reducing cleaning load for you.

You also get a highly hygienic floor that is safe and healthy for occupants, especially those who are easily affected by allergens.

The top layer also comes with an extra matt gloss finish, which imparts a highly natural look to these floors. Adding to the realistic nature of the floors is a vinyl décor layer, which uses superior printing technology to create an eyes-go-wide realistic reproduction.

This flooring offers superior maintenance benefits. These floors are 100% water resistant, which means you can use them for bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, they make cleaning spills easier.

Facilitating low-maintenance is the exclusive Uniclic Multifit installation, which removes the stress off the process. Forget the risk of damaging floor panels and get rid of the fear of leaving open joints to the invitation of dirt, dust and bacteria.

In addition to the durable protective top layer, the multi-layer design of the Balance Click floors feature an impact-absorbing tough vinyl core and a PU coating with superior protection capability. The end result is a floor that’s perfect for any room and space including hallways!

There is also an extra stabilising layer that enhances the dimensional stability of the floors immensely. This means, your floor will not shrink or change shape – and wobble as a result – following environmental changes such as temperature variations.

An impact-resistant vinyl backing layer protects the floor from the effects of moisture, which can include warping and cupping. As a result, you’ll have a perfectly even floor that protects you from slips and accidental falls, no matter the season.

Thin is definitely in, especially when it comes to these floors!

Replacing and renovating floors can be a tedious and costly job. But, Balance Click floors make the job extremely easy and affordable. These floors are fabulously thin, which makes it easier to install them. They are compatible with almost all subfloors and coverings. Just ensure that the subfloor or covering below is even and clean.

Features at a Glance

  • Highly realistic wood-inspired designs in a variety of shades
  • Patented Uniclic Multifit enables quicker, easier and damage-free installation
  • Superior Scratch and Stain Guard technology keeps dirt, dust, stains and scratches away
  • Ultimate comfort underfoot
  • 100% water-resistant
  • Superior hygienic protection
  • Impressive noise reduction
  • Suitable for any room
  • Supportive of underfloor heating
  • Extremely renovation-friendly
  • 20-year warranty

My Verdict

Quick-Step Balance Click floor is an ideal choice for modern smart floor buyers who are interested in not only exceptional looks but also a superior performance.

With its natural stylish and fabulous looks, and low-maintenance features, Balance Click is sure to be a modern cost-conscious buyer’s delight.

This is a floor that is not worth missing! It is a lifetime of peace and joy!

Quick-Step Ambient Click Review

Experience the luxury and sophisticated beauty of stone while enjoying the benefits of high-quality luxury vinyl flooring with the Quick-Step Ambient Click. This range of luxury vinyl flooring features a variety of cool stone styles that are as breathtakingly real as original stone floors.

The variations in colours are also wide – you can be sure of discovering a shade that best suits your interior style and décor. A highlight of this range of floors is their V-grooved tiles, which impart a sense of spaciousness to rooms where they are installed.

Another specialty of these floors is their patented Uniclic Multifit system of installation, which makes the process effortless and stress-free.

Quick-Step Ambient Click

The In-Depth Review

Quick-Step – a leader in luxury vinyl flooring – has designed floors that are as practical to use as they are beautiful to look at!

The Quick-Step Ambient Click floors feature a protective top layer that preserves the good looks and fine features. The top layer features a unique Scratch and Stain Guard technology, which helps these floors fight stains, scratches and dirt successfully.

As a result, you’ll have a floor that looks as gorgeous as it is today even after several years have passed by. Floors will also work with the same efficiency over time.

This top layer also comes with a special matt finish, which enhances the authentic looks of the floor.

Another reason for the extremely authentic feel of these floors is their fine-printed vinyl décor layer. This layer uses a high-end printing technique to give that fine realistic touch to the floors.

There is then a strong impact-resistant vinyl core layer that imparts excellent noise-reducing property to the floors. This layer also makes the floor extremely durable and comfortable underfoot.

An extra stabilising layer comprising extremely dense glass fibres provides super dimensional stability to the floor – this means, your floor will not experience any stability issues as natural stone floors can do in response to factors such as moisture.

A click system makes installation a pretty easy job. Fit the tiles into each other and press firmly till you hear the tiles locking into each other with a click sound. The Uniclic Multifit mechanism makes installation faster. It is also a safer method as any damage to tiles is prevented.

Uniclic Multifit, with its tight closed fit, prevents open joints in floors. Open joints can attract dirt and make the floors unhygienic.

As Ambient Click floors come with sealed surfaces, preventing trapping of dust and dirt, they are easier to clean and maintain. Schedule a regular sweep and an occasional damp-mopping, and you’ll have your floor looking clean and beautiful for many years.

Be it heavy footfall, the stress of kids and pets jumping and running or impact of falling objects, these floors are built to withstand any rough use without getting damaged.

These Quick-Step floors are great to have under your feet. Unlike natural stone floors, which can be cold underfoot, these floors are warmer and softer to the touch. You’ll find walking on these floors a pleasure.

Need to stand for a considerable amount of time on the floor? No worries, it’ll simply be heavenly with Ambient Click floors.

Need more warmth? Simply integrate an underfloor heating system with your Quick-Step floor.

Features at a Glance

  • Realistic stone designs
  • A range of classic, contemporary and vibrant stone shades
  • Uniclic Multifit translates into an easy and efficient installation process
  • Unique Stain and Scratch Guard keeps the floor free of stains, scratches and dirt
  • Excellent comfort underfoot
  • Fine noise-reducing properties
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Super durable floors – floors come with a 20-year warranty
  • The floors support underfloor heating
  • Super-hygienic floors
  • Highly low-maintenance
  • Water-resistant floors that can be used in bathrooms and kitchens

My Verdict

Quick-Step Ambient Click is exactly what modern floor buyers, including homeowners with busy lifestyles and commercial facility managers with a demanding job, need. You can simply install these floors, and except for a little maintenance, you can forget that they exist!

Given their affordable prices, it is simply no wonder that these floors are already high in demand.

Being water-resistant, you can use these floors in any room – you’ll not have to plan different flooring types for different rooms. Get a balanced even effect for your home or commercial building.

Definitely a dream come true, these floors are. A thumbs-up!