Karndean Palio Clic Review

Karndean Palio Clic is an impressive range of wood and stone luxury vinyl floors from the global leader in luxury vinyl flooring – Karndean. This range features eight wood-effect floors and four stone-effect floors, each stunning in its reproduction of the original materials.

The wood-style floors in this range are available in large size planks whereas the stone-effect floors are available in rectangular tiles.

With masterclass designs, rich materials and different formats, you get to create a floor of your dream.

Karndean Palio Clic – The In-Depth Review

Installation consumes considerable time and expense, which makes it a significant factor for modern floor buyers. The Karndean Palio Clic range addresses this issue successfully with its patented click-lock system.

A Photo of Karndean Palio Clic Flooring

All you need to do is fasten the planks/tiles together and click them into place to fit them, and you’ll have your new floor installed in very less time. As you can imagine, this mechanism is simple. But the results are efficient – you get a highly stable floor underfoot.

Preparing the subfloor is also minimal as Palio Clic is compatible with most subfloors. All you need to do is ensure that your subfloor is solid, clean and dry.

Glue-down installation is often messy, time-consuming and can disrupt the flow of the installation process. With its glue free technology, the Palio Clic gets rid of all the above undesirable consequences.

With Palio Clic’s patented method, you’ll have a smoother, easier, simpler, cleaner, faster and stress-free installation process.

Ease of installation, while important for homes, is crucial for commercial spaces. By enabling quicker and easier installation, Palio Clic reduces downtime and disruption in commercial settings, thereby preventing loss of productivity and expenses.

Original wood and stone floors while being great on the eyes can be at times inconvenient underfoot. But, with Palio Clic, you experience no such discomfort. These floors are warmer and softer to the touch when compared to floors made of original wood and stone.

If you are looking for greater warmth, have an underfloor heating system installed. Catering to modern day commercial and residential floor requirements, Palio Clic range of floors supports underfloor heating.

The Karndean Palio Clic floors are designed to be highly authentic reproductions of real wood and stone floors. Design aspects such as bevelled edges impart supreme authenticity to the floors.

While they say beauty is short-lived, it does not hold true for Palio Clic floors – you get to enjoy the good looks of these floors for several years after installation. These floors do not succumb to damage by warping, splintering and cracking.

It’s a great surprise that the great looks of these floors do not demand high maintenance. Cleaning these is extremely easy as all they need is a regular sweep and a slightly damp mop.

These floors feature a 0.4mm thick wear layer. This is important because this wear layer keeps your floor tough and stress-bearing for handling everyday activities such as low to medium footfall, and impact of falling objects and movements such as running kids and jumping pets.

These floors come with an enhanced surface treatment that makes them resistant to spills and scratches, which eases cleaning further.

So, having a Karndean Palio Clic equals 100% peace of mind for you!

Features at a Glance

  • Click-lock system of installation that makes the process easier
  • Adhesive-free installation, which means a cleaner process
  • Brilliantly realistic in looks
  • Suitable for all design styles, including contemporary, sophisticated, classic, chic and traditional
  • Cleaning the floors is very easy
  • The floors are extremely durable. They have a lifetime warranty in residential settings
  • The floors are a great comfort underfoot
  • Compatible with underfloor heating

My Verdict

Whether you desire the luxurious richness of wood, the cool sophistication of stone, or something in between, Karndean Palio Clic has a floor that meets and exceeds your every expectation.

Low maintenance, excellent durability, and a range of other performance-enhancing features enable you to get the best for your investment.

A stunner and a true performer is what the Palio Clic is!

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