Karndean Looselay Review

Karndean Looselay is a premium collection of luxury vinyl floors from the house of Karndean. Each range of Karndean floors comes with its own specialty, and the Looselay is no exception.

The Karndean Looselay floors come with a unique K-Wave friction grip backing layer. This backing uses the combination of friction and weight to create a powerful bond between the new floor and the subfloor. This backing layer holds the floor firmly in place, giving your floor extra stability and complete peace of mind to you.

Whether you are looking for a bright contemporary look, an unconventional pattern or a classic makeover, the Looselay range has a floor for every aesthetic taste.
Karndean Looselay

The In-Depth Review

The Looselay range offers floors replicating classic oak and exotic species of wood. The range also features several popular stone styles including slate, travertine and concrete.

The range of shades and patterns available are wonderfully varied. Choose from lighter shades, deeper hues, balanced effects and bolder tones.

A high definition photographic layer is responsible for the highly authentic looks of each floor in the Looselay range.

The extraordinary looks of Karndean Looselay are complemented by its superior performance. The range packs in several benefits that make living with the floors easy and enjoyable for a lifetime.

This range of floors feature a lifetime warranty for residential applications. You’ll have a floor that will do exceptional work for you for several years to come.

When you talk Looselay, you are not talking about dull and boring floors that you’ll have to tolerate for a lifetime, but exceptional floors that you would love to spend your time with.

These floors offer far better comfort than the original floors underfoot – they are smoother, softer and warmer underfoot. They are also not as easily prone to damage as natural floors due to temperature and moisture variations, scratches, spills and stains – Looselay is an excellent flooring range for households with children and pets.

The floors are waterproof, which means you can have them in splash-prone areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Being slip-resistant, these floors prevent slipping and tripping hazards.

Unique K-Guard technology and an extra surface protection used in the floor design prevent the need for any extra surface treatment post installation, thus saving you costs. This treatment gives a durable and hygienic finish to the floors. This means, your floor will not be a breeding space for dirt, dust and bacteria, and will continue to look good without any damage for a long time.

There is a PVC-embossed wear layer in its multi-layer design, which imparts to the floor exceptional strength to withstand wear and tear.

There is an additional stability layer made of fibreglass, which helps the floor to remain flat, even and balanced during installation. This layer also provides dimensional stability to the floors, meaning your floor will not shrink or expand due to temperature and moisture variations and become unsteady as a result.

Karndean Looselay floors are designed to reduce the transfer of sound, which means you’ll have an amazingly quiet floor that doesn’t transmit sound to lower floors – an ideal choice for upper floor and children’s rooms.

Features at a Glance

  • Highly realistic designs available in a variety of shades and patterns
  • Advanced K-Wave technology offers extra support and stability to the floor
  • K-Wave technology makes installation quicker
  • Possible to remove and replace individual planks easily
  • Unique K-Guard technology imparts extra protection and durability to the floors
  • The floors are compatible with underfloor heating
  • The floors are waterproof and can handle heavy splashes
  • Exhibits exceptional noise-reducing property
  • Low maintenance floors that do not require polishing treatments
  • Highly slip-resistant flooring

My Verdict

Karndean Looselay is a great addition to any home and commercial space. Given the wide array of styles and shades the range offers, Looselay makes it possible to create the exact effect you desire for your space.

Given their stunning looks and long-lasting benefits, the floors are a great return on your investment. Definitely recommended!

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