Karndean Korlok Review

Karndean Korlok is a range of rigid core floors from Karndean, the world-renowned manufacturer of luxury vinyl flooring. These floors come feature a click-lock floating system, which means you don’t need any adhesive to install the floor. Simply click and lock the planks into place, and you will have a strong stable floor underfoot.

The range boasts a line-up of fabulous wood-effect floors that are rich in looks and highly functional. You get a floor that is not only amazing to look at but also works exceptionally well for as long as it exists.

Photo of Karndean Korlok Flooring

Karndean Korlok – The In-Depth Review

If you thought that hardwood floors and laminate floors are the only options to fulfil your love for authentic wood-effect floors, then Karndean Korlok is here to change your opinion.

The first glance at the floors gives you a peek into the gorgeous shades and stunningly realistic wood patterns. Delve deeper, and you’ll discover that the depiction is so authentic that it becomes simply hard to believe that it’s not a range of real solid wood floors!

Every design in this range has been handcrafted by the vinyl floor specialist, creating a unique and realistic for you to feel and enjoy.

If you love traditional wood flooring but are awed by their high-maintenance requirements, the Korlok should interest you immensely. These floors come with the undeniable richness of wood floors without their drawback.

Each tile is made up of multiple layers featuring a wear layer that is 0.55mm thick. This layer protects the floor from daily wear and tear. These floors can withstand scratches, spills and stains without getting damaged. This floor can be a great selection if you have active kids, pets or if you party with guests frequently.

The wear layer is followed by a high definition photographic layer, which imparts to the floors stunning looks and helps preserve their appearance for several years down the line.

The unique K-Guard+ Surface Protection layer on the top of the floors makes them hygienic, preventing trapping of dust, dirt and bacteria. This feature makes cleaning the floor easier.

The top layer also imparts to the floor excellent durability. In fact, Karndean Korlok range of floors comes with a lifetime warranty for residential applications, provided floors are installed and used the way they should be, in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.

The photographic layer is followed by a stability layer, which imparts excellent dimensional stability to the floor. This means, your floor will not wobble due to variations in temperature or humidity.

The multi-layer design features a K-Core waterproof technology that makes floor installation easier even on subfloors with imperfections.

There is then the 5G locking mechanism layer that makes installation simply simple. Click the panels to lock them into each other. A click sound indicates that the floor is perfectly locked into place.

The final layer is an Acoustic Backing layer. This layer makes Karndean Korlok range of floors excellent at reducing annoying floor noises. There is a pre-attached acoustic foam backing, which acts as a sound-absorbing cushion, reducing noise transfer. So, you’ll have a floor that is wonderfully quiet underfoot.

Unlike laminate floors, the Korlok range is 100% waterproof. This means that you can use them in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Features at a Glance

  • Click lock floating installation is mess free and delivers a stable floor underfoot
  • The floors are great at managing subfloor imperfections, which means installation is easier, quicker and cost-saving
  • These floors come with a pre-attached acoustic backing layer to reduces noises
  • A multi-layer flooring design imparts excellent practical benefits, including durability, water resistance, long-lasting good looks and ease of installation
  • Being 100% waterproof, these floors are great for bathrooms and kitchens
  • There is a lifetime warranty on residential floors
  • A low-maintenance floor that is satisfied with sweeping and mopping. It doesn’t demand beauty-enhancing treatments such as sanding and varnishing
  • The floors are greatly convenient – being warmer and softer, they are a pleasure to walk on, and stand on even for long periods of time

My Verdict

Karndean Korlok combines the best qualities in wood flooring -great looks and comfort underfoot- with the superior qualities of luxury vinyl – performance, durability and waterproof quality.

As a result, you get a floor that can only be a cost- and quality-conscious buyer’s dream come true!

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