Karndean Knight Tile Review

Karndean Knight Tile is an awe-inspiring luxury vinyl range from world-famous luxury vinyl specialists – Karndean. The brand is well-known for bringing to life truly unique vinyl wood and stone designs that are simply breath-taking in their resemblance to the original materials.

With its gorgeous looks and supreme functionality, the Knight Tile is more than just good news for floor lovers. This fabulous flooring range has everything for everyone – stunning looks, practical usability, low maintenance, and yes budget-friendliness.

This flooring range is ideal for commercial spaces with low foot traffic. In residential settings, this range is perfectly suitable for multi-family formats.

Karndean Knight Tile Review

Karndean Knight Tile – The In-Depth Review

Whether you are looking for the rich classic looks of solid wood flooring or the cool breezy sophistication of stone floors, the Karndean Knight Tile range delivers the exact effect and more!

The range offers several shades and patterns in wood and stone styles – so you get an array of choices to suit your taste and décor.

It is not just the shade and colour, but the details too that it excels in. The depiction of details is so stunningly close to natural materials that it can be quite difficult to differentiate between real and vinyl floors – kudos to Karndean’s high standards of design and manufacturing.

Knight Tile uses 100% pure virgin PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride – which makes the floor stunningly real. From looks to feel and comfort underfoot, the authenticity of the Knight Tile floors is simply matchless!

Looks apart, these floors score high on performance too. The floors feature a PU coating, which imparts a non-porous property to them. As a result, these floors do not trap in dust, dirt, germs and bacteria.

These hygienic floors are great for residences with children and senior adults. They are also great for workplaces as they send out a signal that you care about your employees’ health.

As they repel dirt and dust, these floors make cleaning easy and hassle-free. Regular dry mopping and occasional damp mopping should be enough to keep your floor looking good for several years.

What’s more, the floor does not tend to get dull with time. So, you’ll not have to depend on treatments such as staining and sanding to retain initial look and freshness.

Karndean Knight Tile floors feature a 0.3mm thick wear layer. This thickness makes it easier for the floor to handle the stress of daily use – repeated knocks, falling objects and footsteps, among others.

These floors are 2mm thick, which gives them good noise-reducing properties. So, if you have active kids and pets at home, then you can have some peace with these floors. They are also great for commercial spaces where annoying floor noises can create a bad first impression on clients.

Features at a Glance

  • Discover a range of design options. You can get designs that depict a range of wood species and stone types. So, you can be sure to have a floor with the exact colour, shade and pattern to fit your vision
  • Suits all types of interior décor, from traditional to stylish, contemporary and urbane aesthetics
  • These floors feature a wear layer measuring 12mil in thickness, which imparts impressive toughness and strength to the floors to withstand daily use without giving in to wear and tear
  • Can be used with underfloor heating
  • They come with a lifetime warranty for residential settings given they are used and maintained to manufacturer standards
  • The floors use glue down installation method, which gives a sturdier and long-lasting floor underfoot
  • Karndean Knight Tile floors are highly affordable. You get the richness of real wood and the style of authentic stone at a far lesser price

My Verdict

Karndean Knight Tile is striking in its beauty and it comes with a performance that matches its beauty. This range comes from a brand that is a recognised leader in luxury vinyl flooring, which should give you complete peace of mind regarding the floor’s quality and durability.

Homeowners and facility managers looking for trouble-free floors can greatly benefit from the flooring collection.

A big thumbs-up to the range for coming good on all key aspects – looks, long-lasting performance and cost!

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