Karndean Da Vinci Review

Karndean Da Vinci is a line of traditional flooring with a modern twist. If you like the elegant appeal of natural wood and stone flooring without the problems of the real thing, the Karndean Da Vinci vinyl flooring range is an excellent alternative.

The floor tile collection from the Karndean Da Vinci range boasts finely rich textures of slate, natural stone, ceramic and limestone with a comfort unlike any other and the edges have an angle that defines each tile.

Karndean Da Vinci Review

Karndean Da Vinci – The In-Depth Review

The Da Vinci collection from the house of Karndean is one of their long established ranges. It is known for its slim line planks and the bevelled edges on the stone tiles and wood planks.

The latest range of Karndean Da Vinci boasts of some refreshing, trendy and cutting edge designs that will simply blow your mind. Each design takes inspiration from nature and has been given a modern twist to ensure you have a uniquely unique floor.

The Da Vinci Stone collection brings together the elegance and beauty of real stone and combines it with inspiration from natural stone, weathered steel and woven fabric to create a stunning collection of floor tiles for your home.

The Da Vinci Wood collection is popular for its narrow planks, smooth finish and deep bevel. It boasts of modern rustic designs that are interesting and unique at the same time. The planks feature designs as varied as rustic, smoked, aged and worn to add a touch of class and elegance no matter where you install them – your office, the deck, patio, your bedroom or living room.

The floors feature a wear layer of 0.7mm thickness, which imparts toughness and durability to last them for decades. These floors are hardwearing, extremely durable and waterproof. They are stain and spill resistant and can take in heavy traffic comfortably.

Thanks to the water and moisture resistant properties of this range, you can use the Karndean Da Vinci collection anywhere in your home including wet spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry room.Luxury is the second name of these floors. Pick any floor and you will be transported to an environment like no other.

Karndean Da Vinci Review – Features at a Glance

  • The bevelled edges on the stone floor tile range and the wood planks create a stunning effect
  • The slim line planks ensure that small spaces look large
  • Distinct grain detailing impart a realistic look all through the way
  • The 0.7mm thick wear layer translates into a highly durable floor
  • Wide range of distinctive designs to choose from
  • Domestic installations come with a lifetime guarantee and there’s a 17 year warranty on commercial installations
  • The floors are compatible with underfloor heating
  • Use these floors in living spaces, bathroom or kitchen
  • A simple sweep and mop keeps the floor clean and sparkling


Karndean Da Vinci Review – My Verdict

Karndean is a highly popular flooring company with years of experience. With each refresh to some of its most popular flooring collections, the company aims to bring something new, something that’s trending and unique. What’s more, you get a product that is not only good in terms of looks, but is great in terms of maintenance and durability as well.

The Karndean Da Vinci range is a premium range of vinyl floors that can transform any space. When you are looking for the classic elegance of natural materials with a modern touch, then look no further than the Karndean Da Vinci collection.

The Karndean Da Vinci is a highly practical range of premium vinyl flooring that’s worth your money.

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