Karndean Art Select Review

The Karndean Art Select range is a stunning collection of durable and stylish floors inspired by nature. Available in spectacular wood and stone designs, these premium vinyl floors will transform any space.

These designs are highly authentic and extremely realistic in look and feel. One look at them and you are sure to fall in love. Boasting a stunning combination of natural shades, these floors are a winner all the way.

This review will help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a floor from the Karndean Art Select range.
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Karndean Da Art Select – The In-Depth Review

The Karndean Art Select collection features an array of stylish floors in wood and stone effects.

The Karndean Art Select Wood range features some eclectic designs. When you love the rich texture of Oak, the Art Select Oak Royale collection, with its realistic knot and grain details will mesmerise you to no end. Looking for some warm shades? Look no further than the Art Select Oak Premier range. Then there’s Art Select Maple, featuring designs from the vintage era.

The Art Select Handcrafted range takes its inspiration from the most common kitchen spices like peppercorn, paprika and nutmeg. The Art Select Parquet takes inspiration from traditional parquet patterns to transform a space elegantly.

The Karndean Art Select Stone range features stunning designs in Slate, Limestone, Marble and Travertine. Each range is a trule reflection of the unique textures and patterns of natural stone. No matter which design you choose, you are sure to fall in love with their unique patterns and stunning designs.

So where can you install these floors? The simple answer is anywhere. These floors are as good in your bedroom as in the office, as good in the kitchen as they are in the bedroom. Pick a design that perfectly suits your requirements and the look and feel you want to create.

These stick down vinyl tiles and planks are easy to install, super easy to maintain and extremely hardwearing. Be sure to hire a reliable professional for a quick and easy installation. Ensure that the sub floor is clean, dry and flat before you install your Karndean Art Select floor.

Cleaning and maintenance is super easy. Just sweep your Art Select floor every day to get rid of dust and debris. For that lasting shine and sparkle, mop your floor once a week.

Featuring a wear layer of 0.7mm thickness, durability is the second name of these floors.

Karndean Art Select Review – Features at a Glance

  • Distinct grain and knot detail that create a realistic look and feel
  • The 0.7mm wear layer ensures you have an extremely durable floor
  • Wide range of distinctive designs to choose from
  • Domestic installations feature a lifetime guarantee while commercial installations feature a 20 year warranty
  • Can be used with underfloor heating
  • Ideal for every space in your house
  • These floors are easy to clean and maintain

Karndean Art Select Review – My Verdict

Karndean began its journey in 1973 as a small business and has today transformed into a leading flooring company in the world. The company is passionate about innovative, creative and ultra-luxurious vinyl floors that look and feel like the natural material they replicate.

The Art Select range stands testimony to Karndean’s passion and vision. These floors are premium in look and feel, and extremely durable at the same time. When you are looking for a premium, stylish and durable floor, look no further than the Karndean Art Select collection of vinyl floors.

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